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Create surveys, collect responses and analyse results. Create surveys in minutes using our prebuilt templates or create your own.

The ability the report on the status and results of a survey in real-time is critical in today's market. It allows you to fine tune the campaign based on the results and address issues as they happen. VisionForms allows questionnaires to be designed in minutes and results analysed in real time.


  • Quickly configure reminders, cut off dates and custom messages.
  • Track responses from any device securely or allow anonymous responses.
  • Flexible analysis and reporting options and integration with back end systems.
  • Analyse results using IBM’s SPSS, Google Fusion or Microsoft Excel.



By 2015 all the citizens of Rustenburg, South Africa, will have access to a modern, integrated road transport system. Over 100 giant articulated buses will run on main routes between Phokeng and Kanana, the Rustenburg CBD and the mining operations in the area. These routes will link with a wider network of bus and taxi routes across the district to ensure that everyone has access to fast, reliable, safe and affordable transport within easy walking distance from their homes and places of work.

The Rustenburg Rapid Transport team used VisionForms as a simple, effective means of registering the Taxi drivers who will participate in the project.


Customers use VisionForms for price surveys and mystery shopper visits. VisionForms replaces paper surveys and the problems associated with data capture. Survey information can be captured using any device and then integrated with industry standard analysis tools such as IBM’s SPSS and Microsoft Excel.

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