Mobile solutions for the enterprise

Dramatically increase your apps the time to market by using VisionForms to provide the backend for your mobile application.

Using VisionForms you can:

  • Create models for business Data, User Interface & Processes and access it all as Web Services.
  • Leverage the VisionForms client API’s to rapidly build your own UI Components for popular mobile platforms quickly.
  • Get access to centrally managed security, updates and push messages.
  • Leverage our pre-build integration adapters for 3rd party applications such as, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint & Google Fusion Tables.


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The VisionForms API allows your developers to rapidly create client APPS for the major mobile platforms.


Core Technologies Multi Platform VisionForms Connector
XML Client API’s for:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Java
VisionForms can integrate with systems behind the firewall leveraging Microsoft Azure.

Case Study - Clinical Testing

An NGO providing healthcare services in Africa needed to be able to capture clinical testing information in remote locations. Due to the highly specific interface requirements a custom Android client was created in 50% less time by using the VisionForms client API. Clinical information is then synced with the VisionForms services and integrated the customer's core data platform.