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We are constantly updating our video help library with new tutorials to help you get the most out of VisionForms.

Our first video shows you how to design your first form. Follow this easy step-by-step instruction set to get up and running quickly.

You can also view our video libary directly off our YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my package?

VisionForms is currently in beta phase. You can use the VisionForms platform free of charge with a limit on the number of forms (3) and form impressions per month (100) you can create.

Organisations wishing to increase the number of forms or form impressions, or having specific requirements, can contact us to discuss requirements and select an appropriate package.

What if I want to create more than 3 forms in the meantime?

You can email and we can increase your limits.

What mobile phones does VisionForms support?

We have tested VisionForms on various models from various manufacturers such as Nokia, BlackBerry and HTC running various operating systems including Android, Apple and Windows Mobile.

In general any phone purchased in the last 2 years should be fine.

If you are having difficulty, try installing an alternative browser for your phone such as Opera Mini ( or contact us on

I’ve downloaded my form impressions. What do I do now?

VisionForms stores its data in XML format. In order to see the data you need to open the file using any application that can interpret the XML such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.

Can I get other reports?

A report designer will be released in a future version. If you need specific reports done now send an email to and we can discuss creating the reports for you and tailoring a package to your needs.

Can VisionForms integrate with my existing systems?

In the upcoming release you will be able to configure your VisionForms to be delivered via email, SMS, FTP or Web Service.

Who can see my form data?

Only people that are members of your organisation have access to your form templates and only people configured as your VisionForms organisation administrators can view data from form impressions.

Who controls what organisations are created?

The individual who creates a VisionForms organisation warrants they are authorised to do so and is by default the administrator and can nominate additional administrators.

VisionForms data will only be accessible to VisionForms organisations administrators. Form templates will only be accessible to users associated with the VisionForms organisation. Any person wishing to be associated with the VisionForms organisation must be approved by any of the VisionForms organisation administrators.

We do not disclose the names of VisionForms organisations registered on the site by default.

A person wishing to register a VisionForms organisation with the same name as an existing organisation will be informed of the fact. VisionForms organisation name disputes will be resolved by the VisionForms administrators.